About us

New Wave Martial Arts is a family friendly and family run, martial arts schools based in Plymouth, Torpoint and Liskeard.  We teach from the ages 4 years and above. We welcome all students with or without experience, and of any fitness level. Our friendly classes are for everyone, no matter what you think might hold you back. We are more than happy to accommodate you at our classes. We want to help people grow and achieve their goals through training.

Please have a look around our site to find more information about our schools.

The first two classes are free for everyone.


Mark Bishop

Mark Bishop 

I was born in 1964 and began training in 1997. I regularly competed throughout those years and enjoyed reasonable success, particularly in Tul/pattern. My objective with my students is to be a source of support and hopefully an inspiration. If I can instil confidence and improve their physical and mental well being, then I think that is the mark of success as an instructor.

Angela Bradley 

I began my Taekwon-Do journey in my mid 30’s and haven’t looked back. I had my own schools until more recently when I was invited to join the New Wave Instructors. I really enjoyed the competitiveness and challenge of competition. Teaching is such an important role and it is extremely rewarding to see students achieve, confidence grow and friendships being made at all ages and levels. 

Joshua Bishop 

I have been training in Taekwon-Do since I was four years old and have been training in Kickboxing in my late teens. As well as competing in Taekwon-Do and earning my 3rd degree black belt, I’ve fought in K1 Kickboxing 8 times and managed to win an amateur title as well as winning a pro rules fight. I am now competing in MMA where I won my debut.


We work together to create opportunities to help our students grow mentally and physically in life and in Martial Arts.